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Dewey Jenkins
Dewey Jenkins
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Austin Williams

Dewey Obababa-ooo/Mamma-say, Mamma-sah, Mamma-ma-cu-sah Jenkins is a revolutionary with dreads who became best friends with Cairo after Huey left for Woodcrest.

Dewey believes all revolutionaries should wear sandals, a head wraps and Capri pants, something Huey disagree's with as revolutionaries are supposed to stand up for human rights regardless of who the person is or what they wear Dewey appears in the episode Wingmen.

When Huey attacked Cairo after he insulted him, his grandfather and defending Dewey when he disrespected him and his brother as well as being a disgrace to revolutionists for his shallow views, Riley went after Dewey who tried running away like a coward, meaning he's somewhat of a punk. Dewey also thinks that he's good at poetry when the truth is his poetry is terrible. Dewey is Cairo's new best friend since Huey left, it's hinted Cairo has abandonment issues so Dewey could be a replacement to fill the void in Cairo.

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