Homies Over Hoes01:40

Homies Over Hoes

"Homies Over Hoes" is a song and music video performed by Gangstalicious in the episode "The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2". While Huey picks up on the obvious homoerotic undertones of the song right away, Riley is totally lost about its meaning: that Gangstalicious is really a gay man.


Homies over Hoes! (x4)
Do the Homie! (x4)

Never catchin' 'lish
Rollin' in wit' no bitch
'cause bitches ain't shit
It's on my crew I stick
It's all knuncklheads
bald-heads and dreads
Nigga, we hatin' on 'dem Hoes like we hate the feds!
Bitch can't you see?
Fall back away from me
Me and my Niggas bumpin' chest in the V.I.P
Now Bump it to the left
Bump it to the right
Cause when you do the Homie, Nigga go to do it right

Homies over Hoes! (x4)
Do the Homie! (x4)

Cause bitches be trouble
Be havin' Niggas beefin
You trippin' on that Ho and your Niggas ain't eatin
She pushin' your work spendin' all your cash
Your Homie got shot up while you was in that ass

Homies over Hoes! (x4)
Do the Homie! (x4)


This was based on the 2005 D4L song "Laffy Taffy".

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