Kardashia Kardashian is (supposedly) the half, long-lost sister of Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, and Rob Kardashian and the sister of Bench. She was Granddad's reality girlfriend for a very short time. Her butt was quite large and expanded significantly as the show went on. Huey discovers she was getting black-market implants, "Whatever it takes to keep up with the Kardashians!". Her butt becomes so large that it explodes on a date with Granddad, which left her comatose. At the hospital, the doctor said that to save her, she needed a butt to butt blood transfusion, and asked if anyone had an AB blood type. Bench, disgusted after hearing her blood type and after realizing what this means, claims that Kardashians have always been O's, meaning she was a complete fake in the first place. After realizing the truth, no one decided to give her a transplant since she was a fraud, so they left her to die alone with no blood transplant. Because of this, the pilot for her reality show was never pitched.

She made only one appearance, "Granddad Dates a Kardashian".


Kardashia is a wannabe TV star, going so far as to make her butt ridiculous proportions to make it seem as if her relation is true.

However, she is shown to be bratty and ditzy, willing to undergo black market implants and even complaining about their legality. She cries when Huey (rightfully) accuses her of getting her butt done, but describes her self as a "strong, independent woman".

It seems as if she has a rivalry with Bench since they argued and she stated he is always been jealous of her.


  • Grey DeLisle provided the voice of Kardashia.
  • Her name is Kardashian but, without the "n" at the end.
  • She claims she does not want to get pregnant because she will get "fat and stuff", which is what happened to Kim. However, Kourtney was able to drop her pounds rapidly.

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