This is an index listing The Boondocks comic strips.

Early comic strips (1996-1998)

The Boondocks comic strip actually dates back to the mid-to-late 1990s, however many of these comics have been lost for unknown reasons. This is a brief overview of the publications that featured these comics, and the time periods they ran.

  • (February 8, 1996 - ?): This was an old music website, and the first known place where The Boondocks was published. The comics from this period are currently missing, and they are still unlikely to be recovered.
  • The Diamondback (December 3, 1996 - March 18, 1997): This is a college newspaper published by the University of Maryland, College Park, which was Aaron McGruder's alma mater. These comics were archived but went out of circulation, however they have recently been scanned and uploaded online.
  • The Source (1997 - ?): This is a hip hop magazine, and the last known place where the prototype comics were published. The comics from this period are also currently missing, and they are still unlikely to be recovered.

Main comic strips (1999-2006)

The Boondocks was eventually picked up by the Universal Press Syndicate, and debuted in national newspapers on April 19, 1999. New comics were being published on an almost daily basis until March 27, 2006, as McGruder became too busy with working on the animated series.









Comic book collections (2000-2007)

The Universal Press Syndicate comic strips were all recollected in a series of paperback books.

Cover Title Years Released
CB-BIKYDRTN Because I Know You Don't Read the Newspaper 1999–2000 August 1, 2000
CB-FF01YS Fresh for '01...You Suckas! 2000–2001 May 15, 2001
CB-ARTBH A Right to Be Hostile 1999–2002 September 23, 2003
CB-PE2 Public Enemy #2 2002–2004 April 26, 2005
CB-ATR All the Rage 2004–2006 October 30, 2007