Ming Long-Dou (voiced by Tiffany Espensen) has so far only appeared in the episode, "The Red Ball" as the captain of the Chinese kickball team and Mr. Long-dou's granddaughter. Ming's training since age 3 has made her ruthlessly competitive. She cares only about proving herself better than anyone else.


In "The Red Ball", Ming is not above deceiving her adversaries if it will help her win. The fact that she is fluent in English and seems to know her way around Woodcrest would indicate she's been to Woodcrest before. She is very cool and calculated. Like Huey she has superhuman abilities thanks to her rigorous training in China but she only uses them in kickball.


Huey Freeman

Ming considers Huey to be her greatest rival. She came to Woodcrest just to face him in kickball. He rejects her offer at first but after giving him a demonstration, he agrees to play on the grounds it will just be a simple game of kickball. Towards the end of the game, Huey confronts her about her brutal style of play. Ming explains to him that in China, there is a place used to punish Chinese Athletes who've shamed their country by losing on the international level. She tells him that if her team loses, her grandfather will send her there, which Ming was lying to Huey about.

Huey begins to throw the game until he overhears some of the Chinese players making fun of him and sees Ming laughing in the dugout. The two then face off in the final play of the game. Huey charges the ball with Chi (Chinese for Energy) and throws it into the air, follows it up, and kicks the ball hard at Ming, turning it into a fireball. Ming manages to kick the ball but her ankle breaks in the process. Huey stops the ball, breaking his wrists in the process, before tagging her out and winning the game.

In the end of the episode, Ming is seen being put into an ambulance after shattering her leg. Her current state is unknown, but she is assumed to be back in China with her grandfather.

Mr. Long-dou

He is Ming's grandfather. In The Red Ball, he took her under his wing at age three and trained her at the Kickball Training Center outside of Beijing, China. He told her that in order to control the ball, she must control herself.