"I admit I am envious of you. In China, if you lose 20 billion dollars, they shoot you. Here, they give you another 20 billion dollars!"
Long-dou, to Ed Wuncler I.

Mr. Long-dou is a very rich Chinese businessman and entrepreneur who appears in The Red Ball. He is one of Ed Wuncler, Sr.'s main "enemies", because Wuncler has to pay off huge debts to him. In order to pay off his debts, Wuncler bets everything he owns, including the town of Woodcrest , on a kickball game between their two kickball teams. He then leaves Woodcrest and leaves Wuncler alone after Wuncler's team wins against his team.


  • He is equally as greedy, manipulative, and despicable as Ed Wuncler.
  • Like Ed Wuncler I, Mr. Long-dou has a young grandchild (although Ed Wuncler's grandson, Ed Wuncler III is not young, but is a young man). His granddaughter's name is Ming Long-Dou.
  • Long-dou is voiced by Sab Shimono.
  • Uncle Ruckus calls Long-dou "Chairman Mao" when they first meet. This is an obvious reference to the Chinese Philosopher/Revolutionist, Mao Zedong.
  • Unlike Ed Wuncler Sr., Mr Long-dou seems to actually care about his granddaughter as rushes over to see if she's okay and calls a ambulance to get her.

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