"A moment in which ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical negro male; causing him to act in an illogical, self-destructive manner, i.e. like a nigga."
Huey Freeman, first definition
Nigga Moment

Nigga Moment is a term referring to any violent conflict between two or more black men, fought over trivial or stupid issues. It is the central plot device of a multi-episode story arc in The Boondocks, revolving around the blood feud between Robert Freeman, Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, and their respective allies.

Nigga Moments

"Perpetual conflict between niggas over trivial or ignorant things."
Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, additional definition

A Nigga Moment requires at least two black males of any age (from little boys to old men), and a stupid reason for fighting each other. Ghetto thugs are most prone to starting Nigga Moments, but even the most mild-mannered of black men may still be vulnerable to joining them. However white men will ignore any effort to draw them into a Nigga Moment.

Nigga Synthesis

"Perpetual bond between niggas over trivial or ignorant things."
Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, official definition

In a segment narrated by Stinkmeaner, it is explained that there is a similar phenomenon called Nigga Synthesis. It refers to when multiple negroes bond together over trivial or ignorant things, such as by forming street gangs and having collective Nigga Moments.


Nigga Moments are unpredictable, but always end badly. At best, the losing party of a Nigga Moment will be humiliated and weakened, and at worst it results in the violent death of one or both participants; it is the third leading killer of black men "behind pork chops and FEMA". A Nigga Moment combined with Nigga Synthesis is especially deadly, often resulting in Complete Disasters like gang violence.

While Nigga Moments can result in (and usually end with) death, there is no guarantee that it will stop there, as it can lead to a cycle of revenge. Stinkmeaner has returned from the afterlife to continue his Nigga Moment with Robert, while his old associates and even his clone have retaliated on his behalf.

The best and most definite way to end Nigga Moments is either peace or jail. One may make peace with their enemies, and end the conflict without any further malice. Or else the niggas will be arrested and go to jail for their crimes.



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