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Nigga Moment

Nigga Moments, previously described as violent altercations created when "ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise rational negro male...causing him to act in an illogical, self-destructive manner", are a running joke and plot-line used in several episodes of The Boondocks. These episodes revolve around the conflict between Robert Freeman and Colonel H. Stinkmeaner.

Nigga moments are first presented by Huey as the introduction to Granddad's Fight, showing how they can be fatal for the black men involved, even if their actions do not directly lead to their deaths. He also shows how white people are impervious to the rage and mental lapses associated with nigga moments.

In a segment narrated by Stinkmeaner,it is explained that when niggas form a perpetual bond over trivial or ignorant things,i.e. Nigga Moments, it is referred to "Nigga Synthesis". When these synthesized individuals collectively have a Nigga Moment, the results are disastrous, referencing violence between African-American gangs. He poses the following equation:

"Nigga Moments + Nigga Synthesis = Complete Motherfuckin' Disaster!"

Stepping on sneakers is potrayed as the main catalyst for Nigga moments, including the one between Robert and Stinkmeaner.

Parameters of a Nigga MomentEdit

  • Requires two black men of any age; white men are impervious.
  • "Nigga Moments are unpredictable...but they all end up bad."
  • The third leading killer of black men "behind pork chops and FEMA. It's a fact."
  • Weaken the spirit of the black men involved.
  • Can happen at any time.
  • Nigga Moments often lead to Nigga Synthesis
File:Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

Stopping A Nigga MomentEdit

The Nigga Moment, being an instance of violence and ignorance, can only be stopped by peace, or jail. Stinkmeaner demonstrated that a hateful enough nigga may transcend even the grave in order to pursue the completion of their Nigga Moment, though his "Hateocracy" was effectively stopped by being arrested after the murder of Bushido Brown.


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