Stomp Em In The Nuts01:48

Stomp Em In The Nuts

"Stomp 'em in the Nuts" is a hip-hop song featured in numerous episodes of The Boondocks, that is performed by the rapper Thugnificent. The song is played in the background of several episodes, often during a scene of violence and/or tension (especially violence directed at someone's testicles).


Thugnificent: Stomp 'em in the nuts, I'ma stomp 'em in the nuts! (repeats)


  • Derryck "Big Tank" Thornton, music supervisor and composer on the show, is credited with directing the music video.
  • Groin injuries seem to be a sort of running gag on the show, however this song doesn't always get played when it happens.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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