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240px-Ballin' - Riley's dream
Riley Freeman

Home Alone - Huey
Huey Freeman

Robert Freeman

Uncle Ruckus

Tom Dubois

Jazmine Dubois

Sarah Dubois
Sarah Dubois


Cindy in "The Fundraiser"
Cindy McPhearson

Ed Wuncler III
Ed Wuncler III


The Boondocks is an American animated series created by Aaron McGruder for the Adult Swim programming block of Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network, based upon McGruder's comic strip of the same name. The Boondocks is a social satire of American culture and race relations revolving around the lives of the Freeman family: ten-year-old Huey, his younger brother, eight-year-old Riley, and their grandfather, Robert. The series is produced by Rebel Base and has finished airing its second season on Adult Swim. Season three is currently running, with all animation pre-production work being produced at JM Animation in Seoul, Korea. The Boondocks takes place in the same place and time frame as its comic counterpart. The Freeman family, having recently moved from the South Side of Chicago Illinois to the peaceful suburb of Woodcrest, Maryland find different ways to cope with this acute change in setting as well as the drastically different suburban cultures and lifestyles to which they are exposed. The perspective offered by this mixture of cultures, lifestyles, and races provides for much of the comedy in this series.

The satire premiered on November 6, 2005. The 15-episode first season ended on March 19, 2006. The second season premiered on October 8, 2007 and was, according to McGruder's MySpace page, pared to 13 episodes; however, 15 episodes were created. The third season began airing on May 2, 2010.

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