The New Black is the 10th episode of the 4th season as well as the series finale of The Boondocks. It aired on June 23, 2014.


Riley Freeman is targeted after using a homophobic slur (the word "gay") at a kid dancing, which becomes viral, then Robert and Rollo Goodlove tell the protesters that Riley uses "gay" against something he doesn't like because he has special needs.


  • This episode is the final episode of The Boondocks.
  • This marks the return of Rollo Goodlove.
  • It's revealed that the only kind of white people that Ruckus can't stand are gay white people, and Average White Band, cause he claims "they make n-word music".
  • This is the second time Riley Freeman has been on the media for school issues. (This time, however, Riley is the perpetuator, not the victim.)
  • Filbert Slowlove is voiced by Tommy "Tiny" Lister, the actor who played Debo from the movie Friday.
  • The song "Stomp 'em in the nuts" by Thugnificent is played when Riley is beaten up by the special children.