World's Ultimate Chocolate is a company of British origin that manufactures chocolate bars for school fundraisers, led by Alistair Ripley. It soon turned out however that they are also a criminal gang who use intimidation and violence against their competitors.

After J. Edgar Hoover Elementary School hosted a candy fundraiser sponsored by World's Ultimate Chocolate, Riley decided to resell the chocolate for his own profit (with the aid of other kids like Cindy, Jazmine, Phil, etc.). The WUC reacted by sending their thugs to scare the children out of business.

Riley, Cindy, and Ed III decided to confront Ripley and his men at a shady hotel. Ripley ordered Riley to submit to his iron-fisted reign, however the little boy refused. But soon a group of Italian-American gangsters arrive at Ripley's room, and they murder him with a shot to the head. And then a team of FBI agents also crash inside. The result was a bloody shootout between the WUC, the Mafia, and the FBI.

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